10-First Time Home Buyer in Charlotte? It’s “Buyer Beware” for House Buyers in North Carolina

It’s true…In NC Real Estate.. it’s Buyer Beware

The North Carolina Real Estate Commission requires that everyone who will be working with a real estate agent be provided with a Working With Real Estate Agents Brochure.



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Please fill out the back page of the brochure and return to us.

In general, there are there are three agency relationships:

Seller’s Agent–The agent represents the seller
Buyer’s Agent–The agent represents the buyer
Dual Agent–The agent works for both the buyer & seller
The question to ask a Real Estate Agent/Broker/Realtor is…

“Exactly who are you explicitly working for?”

It is important for each individual to know if an agent is working for them as their agent, or working with them, while acting as an agent of the other party.

The brochure also explains how agents are paid, and touches on some of the many services a real estate agent can provide.
Any questions, we will be happy to explain what this is all about…

Spanish Version: http://www.ncrec.gov/Brochures/WorkingwAgentsSpanish.pdf

The Working with Real Estate Agents pamphlet is not a contract.
We are required by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission (NCREC) to keep the back page in our files as proof that you have been given the brochure.


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ATTN: The North Carolina Real Estate Commission requires that all real estate agents review with all prospective buyers and sellers who they represent in the buying and selling process. This is called Agency Relationship. By law all Real Estate Agents/Brokers are required to provide each consumer with the Working With Real Estate Agents Brochure. Please click on this link for this information:

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